Urgent 初级护理 Visits

病人 experiencing life-threatening symptoms should always proceed immediately to the closest Emergency Department 或者拨打911.

Treating everyday illnesses and minor injuries

Feeling under the weather? Suffering from a simple broken bone or muscle strain? Do you need stitches for a cut or medicine for urinary symptoms? 我们可以帮忙! We're here for our patients, 365 days a year.

You no longer need to call us first

Please come directly to the urgent visits office on floor 1A of the North Building, if you are sure you do not have COVID-19. 

If you may have COVID-19 or need guidance on where to be seen for your symptoms, call your primary care team at 603-354-6760

The urgent visits team cares for:

  • 腹部疼痛
  • 疼痛
  • 过敏
  • 动物咬伤
  • 哮喘
  • 背痛
  • 瘀伤
  • 冷*
  • 咳嗽*
  • Eye redness or itchiness
  • 流感*
  • Fever without a rash
  • 头痛
  • 虫咬
  • Lab tests for minor problems
  • Low back pain or strain
  • 偏头痛
  • 轻微烧伤
  • Minor cuts and scrapes
  • Minor infections
  • Minor nose bleeds
  • Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea
  • 痛苦
  • Painful urination
  • Rash and skin irritations
  • Simple broken bones
  • Sinus infections
  • Skin rash without a fever
  • 喉咙痛*
  • Sports injuries
  • Sprains and strains
  • Stitches, minor surgery
  • STD测试
  • Stomach upset or pain
  • Urinary symptoms
  • X-rays for injuries

*for symptoms that may be COVID-19, we request 2 negative home COVID tests 24 hours apart to be seen at 紧急访问. If you are not sure or test positive for COVID-19, call your 初级护理 team at 603-354-6760.

Seamless connections to your Dartmouth Health providers

If you are a patient of Cheshire Medical Center, then shared records between our urgent visits team, your 初级护理 team, and specialty medicine keep everyone on the same page. You can also access your medical records and contact your provider through our shared myDH patient portal.

Urgent visits are available to Cheshire patients and community members who wish to establish care with a 初级护理 provider at Cheshire or our satellite locations in 沃波尔 and 温彻斯特. If you don’t have a 初级护理 provider, we can start the paperwork during your urgent visit. 

Have more questions?

访问我们的 Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about how urgent visits can meet your needs.

Patient being treated at an Urgent Visit

Urgent Visit or Emergency Department?

Life can throw us some painful curveballs. Make sure you know who to call before you find yourself needing same-day or immediate care.


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